LLC “SputNik”

LLC “SputNik” produces children’s products for the development of fine motor skills of children of preschool age.

The production assortment includes more than 15 authorial designs of busy boards (development panel), – for individual use. Also, the utility model “ProfiPlus” is being registered at Rospatent, which is a developmental play complex for children from 3-6 years old, where clean materials in special cells displays the attributes of a particular profession, and fixed various game elements for the development of fine motor skills.

On the back of the complex there is a special “pocket” for comrades related to the study of this profession – books, drawings, toys, photographs, poems, pictures, etc. Early vocational guidance of preschool children goes through the possibility for children to choose, through the game, their future profession.

At present, profession samples have been created: doctor, builder, teacher, fireman, cook, metallurgist, pilot, etc. Can be used in kindergartens, playrooms , development centers, etc. Also, our company conducts excursions for schoolchildren on our production of developmental complexes in “Technopark-Lipetsk”.