“ProfiPlus” – profession-oriented developmental kits for children

(doctor, builder, policeman, fireman and other useful and important professions)



Depending on the abilities, psychological make-up, temperament and character of a child, his/her system of knowledge about professions, interest and attitude to certain types of human activities is formed, and most importantly – a respectful attitude to labour is brought up. A sense of labour significance is developed as the main way to exploit the future potential.

The technical result is achieved by means of a stencil of any profession (fireman, builder, doctor) applied to the board made from environmentally friendly material. Images are displayed in certain cells – objects that reflect this particular profession, for example, a fireman – a fire engine, a whistle, a bucket, a shovel, a hydrant, etc. and, at the same time, the cells also contain components for fine motor skills – doors, bolts, switches, etc. On the back of the board there is a special “pocket” of 30/30 cm, in which you can collect and store toys, books and manuals for the profession which is of interest to a child.

All game elements are made from environmentally friendly materials – natural wood and biodegradable plastic, which do not pollute nature upon disposal, but at the same time serve for a long time without losing their relevance, as they represent a very useful and exciting game for children.

How to play

Children choose a profession: teacher, policeman, doctor, etc. and the corresponding busy board, after that they play, sorting out meaningfully educational elements or toys, books, representing themselves as a doctor, a teacher, or a policeman. By so doing, not only the motility of fingers, but also logic, thinking, attention, intelligence, memory, and professionally oriented knowledge and skills develop.

The innovativeness of this developmental kit lies in the fact that it is the preschool period of a child’s life when the ideas about the future profession are formed, which is promoted by the potentially hidden talent of each person. That is why, the project is called “ProfiPlus”, speaking of many professions in the world, and the project’s slogan sounds like “Let’s discover your talents together”.

The formation of perceptions of pre-schoolers about the world of labour and professions is a necessary process that is relevant in the modern world.

“Profiplus” will offer the opportunity for kids to put themselves in different types of professions, teach them to dream and strive to realize their dreams, because only those can become professionals who know from childhood whom they want to be in the future.

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Полицейский, Художник, Строитель (мастер), Врач, Пожарный


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