Busy board “Ayfonushka”

Dimensions: 40/60 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Price: 3,500 (5,000 for two-sided version)



Busy board “Ayfonushka” is available in two options – the first option is one-sided, with household items, the second option is two-sided with a slate on the reverse side.

Our Busy board “Ayfonushka” will help your kid get acquainted with the outside world through objects of interest, it is almost the same mom’s or dad’s phone, only bigger and much more interesting, because here you can open and close the doors with locks, turn the flashlight on and off, ring the bicycle bell, learn to count, and among other things, SUCH Busy board will help develop fine motor skills, creative abilities, as well as quickly understand the world, overtaking more lazy peers in mental terms.


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