Alphabet for the deaf


3 alphabets complete with a box.
Original development – the application has been submitted to Rospatent.
We accept pre-orders.



In Russia, according to unofficial data, there are about 12 million people with different types of hearing impairment. Currently there are 40 types of alphabets for the deaf and dumb in the world. In 1963, the International Finger Alphabet was developed as a communication tool for people from different countries.
First of all, the sign language is necessary for people who, due to their peculiarities, cannot communicate on equal terms with members of the surrounding society. Thanks to the finger alphabet, they have an excellent opportunity to communicate with each other and their family members, to get the desired education and necessary information. With the knowledge of deaf-and-dumb alphabet, it is possible to share the secret information in a public place. When it is necessary to keep silence, the finger alphabet may also be very helpful.
At the moment, Azbuka-game is the beginning of a long way to reach high levels on the social ladder, because people with physical disabilities can work and manage as efficiently as ordinary people, they are already studying in prestigious universities, some of them occupy top-level positions.


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